How to adjust your website's PHP settings

Step 1

Login to your��account (instructions here:�Logging in to cPanel)

Step 2

Scroll down and open "Select PHP Version" though the cPanel software menu.


Step 3

From the next menu, select the dropdown arrow next to the currently selected PHP version to change the version of PHP your site will use. We recommend using the most current version if your site supports it.�


Supported PHP Versions:�




Step 4

Once the PHP version has been selected, verify the needed extensions are enabled on your site. We recommend consulting with your web development team or referencing the site requirements using the links in step 3 to verify all needed extensions are selected.�


Step 5

Once all needed extensions have been enabled, to complete the changes you will need to select "Set as current" near the PHP Version link. The changes will take a few moments to take effect. To verify the changes have been successful we recommend testing your site by visiting your website, testing any web-forms, and verifying other any other applications on the site are functioning properly.�


Help and Support

If any�assistance along the way is need, please feel free to reach out to our support team via phone at 608-512-1000 or through email at [email protected]

5NINES��enjoy technology�:)

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